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Moore Stables Lesson Information

Lessons are offered beginning at five (5) years of age. Young riders from 5 - 8 years old are started in private or semi-private half hour sessions.

Grooming and becoming familiar with the tack and horse safety are all taught as well as riding.

Older beginners start much the same, but are expected to saddle, bridle and groom without help as soon as they are able.

The riding is done in our small training ring so the instructor can maintain control. When a student can steer and stop the pony and demonstrate the attention needed for riding on their own, they are allowed into the large arena. The very young progress slowly. Age's nine to twelve often advance rather quickly. Teenagers and adult beginners may take more time. All involved must bear in mind that riding is a sport and requires fitness and muscle memory to advance. Students who want rapid progression must commit to riding a minimum of twice a week. And those that hold showing as their goal should plan three - four rides a week.

Our school horses and ponies are quiet and well trained. They are capable of launching a riding career. All have show experience and can compete in small shows on the lower levels. Serious students who plan to go on to recognized shows will reach a time when the lease or purchase of a show horse will be necessary to reach that end. We can help with that purchase and the boarding of the mount when the time comes.

Lesson Prices:
$160 for 4 Lessons
$298 for 8 Lessons

If you are a student feel free to come in an experience for yourself how to care for the horses.